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1. Atomic Mini-Z Antenna Head - 5PCS
2. Atomic Mini-Z MA-010 Dish Wheel - Narrow - +1.5 Offset - White
3. Atomic Mini-Z MA-010 Dish Wheel - Wide - +1 Offset - Silver
4. Atomic Mini-Z MA-010 Dish Wheel - Wide - +3 Offset - White
5. Atomic Mini-Z MA-010 Dish Wheel - Narrow - +1.5 Offset - Silver
6. Atomic Mini-Z MA-010 Dish Wheel - Narrow - +2.5 Offset - Silver
7. Kyosho Mini-Z MA-010 RC Chassis Set 2 with Full Bearings
8. Kyosho Mini-Z MA-010 X-Speed V Motor
9. Atomic Mini-Z Antenna Wire - Pure White - 2PCS
10. Kyosho Mini-Z MA-010 Camber Knuckle Set (4.5)

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United RC, Inc.
Castle Creations
JPL Racing
Country Alloy Works
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Customer Testimonials has incredible service and offers some of the stuff that is hard to find w/o going to Chinese sites, which mean long waits and distant customer service. BTW, the dry bearings are the best bearings i've ever used for anything, period!
- Jared (builthatch)

Hello, For all reading this I will get to my point. Definitely buy here. Now I will go into more detail as to why. This store has great service in the fact questions are answered quickly and every order is proccessed and shipped in a timely matter, even around the holidays. I always was informed of where my package was, and it arrived with free shipping (limited time) in less that 7 days! Not only is the store and service good, but the product is awesome! I ordered a Mini-Z MA-010 Readyset Subaru Impreza Spc.C and it arrived quick, and ready for action. I did some minor reading of the manual and I was off! Talk about great out of the box, this thing made drifting look easy. It was smooth, and response was fantastic. I slapped on some upgrades and now I love it. It handles like a dream compared to my Xmods. I would definitely reccomend the shop, and products. Plus they are an official retailer of many products! The store, service, and product is amazing. I don't know how to stop rambling about it. To end, I would like to say I LOVE!! THANKS!! From Luigi, a satisfied customer. :)
- Luigi Villanueva (homestar21)

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