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Hey Racers!
Happy New Year, and happy new products!  By way of Atomic, we now are stocking the Ground Zero SZ Chassis.  This is a shaft driven 4WD Chassis Kit, which in terms of performance, we're told is even better than the BZ17!  It's suitable for drivers looking for extreme performance.  Is that you?  Of course it is!  Let's check it out its features:
  • The SZ Chassis has the lowest CG position among all 4wd cars on the market thanks to its ball diff. 
  • The drive chain is not at the center line, but it is moved 1.5mm to right hand side. By doing this, the heavy motor is moved toward to the center of the chassis, and the result is a chassis which has high stability and stunning fast cornering speed.
  • Drive chain out drive is delrin parts, which is a flexible material offering buffer and impact absorption to protect other parts in a crash.
  • It features easy adjustment of Roll Center, Anti-Squat, Pro-Squat, Camber Angle, and Camber Gain
  • The dust proof differential gear box, is essential for racing on RCP tracks.  The tire debris greatly degrades the smoothness of the ball diff, so dust proof is a must have function on foam tracks.
  • The SZ offers quick adjustment of differential tension; there is a hole on the gear box that we can easily adjust the tension of ball diff without un-mouting any parts.
  • Front and Rear Camber angle is adjustable. (*optional front camber adjustable arm is available as option)
  • Caster Angle adjustment, increase corner speed and acceleration stability. (*optional front camber adjustable arm is available as option)
  • Camber link position adjustable, to change roll center and camber gain.
  • Rear Roll Center, Anti-Squat, Pro-Squat adjustment
  • Segmented drive system, and floating gear box minimized the torque steer effect of shaft drive..
  • Long Damper Shocks available as option for low grip track condition.
So, take your pick:
Ground Zero SZ Shaft Drive 4WD Chassis Kit - Without Electronics
Ground Zero SZ Shaft Drive 4WD Chassis Kit with ESC

We also have nearly 50 standard SZ parts and almost 30 upgraded SZ parts for you to take this car to the next level!

But, that's not all.  We've restocked Atomic AMZ/BZ/BZ17 parts and added a few new pieces too, like the Atomic BZ2017 Evolution Front Upper Bulkhead - 4 CasterAtomic AMZ 98mm Wheelbase IS2 Lexan Body, and for all your Mini Chassis, new varieties of Shock Damper/Thrust/Ball Diff Grease!

All new products can be seen en masse in the Newest Products section.  :)  As always, thanks for shopping with us!

shop.tinyrc.com :)

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